I was born to create.

In fact, I can’t NOT create.

I bet you’re a lot like me:

You know what it’s like to sacrifice time, energy, money and relationships to put your heart and unique voice out into the world.

You know what it’s like to worry that you’re doing it all wrong and then jump for joy when your client pays you.

You know how it feels to be “in the flow” when you’re doing your best work and time seems to stop.

You know it feels to realize that you’ve made a wrong turn or let your emotions or ego get the best of you.  Or what it’s like to stop creating to “take a break” and really end up binging every episode of Sherlock on Netflix.

You also know you can’t imagine doing anything else. Because with all the hard work comes the joy – making a schedule so you never miss your daughter’s band recitals, or your son’s morning couch snuggles, or the joy of a mid-day movie with your partner or hike with your dog, and the freedom of being able to run with an idea without a boss or corporate structure to hold you back.

My love of creating, and the magic that happens when creative people collaborate, is why I do photography for business owners like you.  I get to work with some of the coolest  women I’ve ever met to create beautiful images that are like jet fuel for their businesses.

I live for that email that starts with “Wow, Jess – not only did my clients go crazy for that set of images, but I had the one of the best, most fun days shooting with you! I feel amazing!”  (I’d like to create this experience for you. Let me show you how.)

I hear you, I see you, and I get you.

Now back to my boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch.  🙂

Good photographers take beautiful pictures of their subjects; great photographers capture the inner beauty of their subjects…Jess is a great photographer!

-Stephanie, Vancouver

A little video of my Mother’s Day, 2016. My family are my heart and soul.